hospitality. Wow. Nothing quite humbles one self like a massive dose of generosity and hospitality dousing you every where you turn. I have been so blessed with hospitality and kindness I don’t even know how to begin to express my thanks.

1st: prior to leaving:

Funds pouring in left and right to make this trip possible (still receiving updates about donors from the GM office- they are a couple weeks behind processing checks)

Prayers, thoughts, and encouragement


ginger gum (Erin Branchaud, you are wonderful! -Helped with my motion sickness on Chicago public transportation)

loaned face wash from my friend Elizabeth (now serving in Uruguay)

personal tour of Chicago harbor by childhood friend

alums of the program and YAGM staff leading a beautiful and reflective oreitnation with lots of important discussion but also celebration via songs, games, conversation… etc

ISEDET (The seminary where we stayed for our 10 day in-country training)

Krystal and Ignacio welcoming us

Gifted with comfy bed comforter and blanket, clothes pins, fire extinguisher etc… for the apartment

My first asado (so great!~)


Asado (traditional barbeque)

Fishing (I love fishing!!!)

Hammock sleeping

Oranges (so many oranges!)

Patience (My comprehension is operating at about 90% accuracy. My ability to speak less…)

Freshly painted bedroom (Conregation got together before I arrived and painted my room. It has such high ceilings they must have used some crazy tall ladders. Talk about effort!)

Brand new armourio for my clothes

Newly painted desk and bedside stand (one of the women in the congregation decopauged designs on them for me! Its beautiful!)

Tours of Corrientes by my housemates. (Corrientes runs alongside the Paraná river. There are walking trails along side the coast and an expansive beach).

Mate (ritual tea-like drink made from the yerba plant shared communally)

Tereré (like mate but prepared with cold citrus juices or pop instead of hot water)

Grocery shopping adventures (Patiently being taught what brands are of good quality and foods that are easy to make and bien rica! *tasty).

Dinner made by another set of fantastic housemates (carrot salad with hardboiled egg and breaded chicken! delish)

My last three weeks have been filled with words of acceptance and welcome, the kind and generous presence of many wonderful people and lots of laughs.

Fishing on the Paraná river outside of Corrientes, la capital.

Fishing on the Paraná river outside of Corrientes, la capital.

1st day in my new home for the next year. My madrina and padrino (godmother and godfather) took me to the countryside with their family and Anita (one of the girls I live with and a member of San Mateo).


The Argentina/Uruguay YAGM team and some of our year-long hosts are gathered in Krystle and Ignacio’s Apartment awaiting some freshly grilled slabs of meat.

I meet my Madrina, Alicia, for the first time. She taught the YAGM Argentina/Uruguay team how to cook and fold empanadas.



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