Beginnings with INCUPO

I’ve been away from MN for one month now.

INCUPO was out of the office at a big farmers market convention the week I moved to Corrientes. So this last Tuesday was my first official day working with them in the office. On Tuesday I began reading some of their literature- their newsletters, reports, teaching modules, and leaflets to have a better understanding of what their organization does. I have been reading their information for hours at a time everyday since and there still so much left to learn!

On Thursday I went with some of my coworkers from INCUPO to visit some small family farms about an hour away from Corrientes capital. We drank tereré together as the families showed off their hard work and the things they were doing to be both ecological and productive. I saw baby bunnies, how worms cocoon themselves in fresh compost, a four day old calf, papaya trees, a renovated kitchen, lots of lettuce, the mate plant (now the background for this blog), and fresh cheese! The agronomist with INCUPO visits the different farms within the farmers’ market association to assist farmers by suggesting ideas to prevent/cure plant and animal diseases (without using chemicals) and produce healthy crops. They also give away useful supplies like glass jars and bug traps. It was a long day -12 hours, but a really good day!



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