Spoken Word. A Fish out of Water

This ground, I step on, I do not know

I speak

The tongue,

the mother tongue

Of someone else’s mother.


My eyes a spinning glaze of over-stimulation

Time vibration

Rhythm changing

Sometimes fast, too fast, to register its intonation

A tidal wave

Oh where is my safety flotation

To keep me buoyed in this sea of others

Swimming so gracefully

Linguistically-worry free

Not me

And yet, time too visits me

Like a faulty online connection

Internet video insurrection

Cutting in, out, voice inflection

Laughing its pixilated face

Impatience is its fuel

And its stutter a tool

To target my center

Unbalance me

Not knowing what to do with its pause

Its gaps of silence

Frozen image

To sit, wait, see

or find me

-somewhere else

where I am a productive force

conductive of the world

around me

But, it’s a lie

What we’ve been told

We are not masters of our own fate

No, we take that bait,

Feed on it, grasp it, whole mind


Feeling exaltation


Until that line

Finds you blinded

By the surging water

As you lunge forward

Pulled by the unseen force

No longer the chooser

All just a ruse-

Her world a new medium


Learning to breath again

Can happen

And again, again, and again

Each time you forget

To let

grace in

Friend, its okay

-Let that grace in.


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