Nov. 2 and Nov. 3

Nov. 2 and Nov. 3

Anita gifts me with homemade chipacitos which are a tasty bread made from tapioca starch and cheese! I go to Parque Mitre in the morning. People still show up to buy products despite the rain and mud! I go to Itatí for Laura’s birthday (Laura is a feriante who I met in Puerto Iguazú at the Encuentro in October). I walk to Laura’s house with Myra and her family and other neighbors and there are fish swimming in the flooded water on the dirt road. I can’t believe it. BIG fish. I bring my banana bread and bond with Teia, who is a feriante and also now the newly elected mayor of Itatí. In the morning I mistake Florencia (Myra’s daughter) for her quinceanera picture that hangs right above her bed in her room in the morning and talk to it as I wake up. I wake her up. Man, was she confused. So was I. Lovely day at Itatí Feria. Get 2 interviews done. See Itatí’s costanera and basilica terrace. I feel like an independent traveler. I am so tired when I get home that I put sunscreen in the fridge. I have a really great conversation with Anita over mate later that night.


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