November 7

November 7

We celebrate Yanina’s birthday outside in the backyard with two of her friends, Lini, Nati, Jose, and Aleja. Such a fun time spending time together. Her b-day is next Tuesday but since I won’t be here I insisted that we also celebrate a little early:) I made banana cake for Yani with Aleja and we put a homemade frosting that has flour in it. Who’da thunk? We put sprinkles in the dough to make color magic. Aleja and I go to Cadombe presentation with Jose, Aleja’s boyfriend. He is very nice. I tell her I approve. 🙂 I meet Aleja’s colombian friend Angie too! We all dance and dance and dance. My movements it turns out were not as contained as I thought they were as they then become the topic of discussion at our birthday cake get-together afterwards… However, drums, indigenous flutes, and beautiful voices made for an incredible performance that I was not about to spend sitting still when I have 5 semesters of african dance movements to utilize.  Also, today I also found out that YES it is very possible I had scarlet fever. The  dermatologist semi-confirmed it this morning when I explained all my symptoms. She couldn’t say that I did for sure because all my symptoms were already gone, but I KNEW it. Alicia and her family were convinced I am a hypochondriac but looks like they are the ones who owe me an as asado. We had a bet. Note: I technically have only four lines to write my journal summaries but sometimes I write really really small….


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