Everyday Newness

There is newness in everyday.
But sometimes I get trapped by what appears to be the mundane, but it is because I haven’t pulled back the slight veil of normalcy that gracefully drapes over the divine. And there is divine everywhere. God is so great; no matter where we are we can catch glimpses and sometimes all-out, panoramic, souring vistas of an evident frenzy of our Creator’s caressing love prints on Nature: stars, snowflake patterns, friendships, and dogs. And what about those twisting trees bending beneath the weighty gift of fresh fruit? Nature’s desert is healthy and cancer-busting and is free of plastic packaging and long grocery lines. Why do we eat skittles anyway? They are such fakers. If I want to taste the rainbow, I’m going to climb me that mountain, feel the rain streak my face in wet kisses, and eat that wild mango letting its flavor sensation quench the hunger in my soul.

Go find your mango.


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