Real life

I was just talking with a close friend who is participating as a YAGM on the other side of the world.  As we talked about some of the struggles and behind the scenes things that go on ‘behind the Facebook wall’ I realized that the way I share my life publicly on Facebook, my blog, and in my newsletters can potentially be creating a skewed perception of what life is really like here for me.

Much of my life here is day-to-day living.

As my friend put it, “It’s life, but with a different address.”

I experience emotions and moments similar to what I experience in Minnesota.

I experience boredom.

I experience loneliness.

I get confused.

I get frustrated trying to figure out exactly what my role in the world is.

Sometimes I doubt my faith.

But I also intentionally appreciate and celebrate the many good things here too; just like I try to do back in MN. And overall, I enjoy life pretty darn well.

I have had incredible opportunities to see and experience things that make me feel like I am living a full-blown adventure. And I am. But life in its totality is an adventure. You don’t have to pick up and move somewhere far away to live intentionally and witness Jesus’ love to the people around you.

You can do that wherever you are.

Go live your adventure!

Yours in Christ,

Katie Menke

“All other days have either disappeared into darkness and oblivion or not yet emerged from it. Today is the only day there is.” ~Frederick Buechner


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